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Top 100 Poetry Blogs


Top 100 Poetry Blogs
By L. Fabry
No longer relegated to textbooks, libraries, and anthologies, poets now have an array of options for reading poetry, posting, the latest in news, and more, thanks to the internet. Below are 100 blogs and sites for every poet, from a seasoned professional to a child reading their first poem.
Collected Works
Visit the below sites for works of various authors, the latest in poetry news, interviews, and more.
1. Paper Cuts: A blog by “The New York Times,” you can find many poetry related items. Get the latest from up and coming poets, as well as news and interviews with the greats.
2. American Life in Poetry: This is the blog of the Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Ted Kooser. The site provides newspapers and online publications with a free weekly column featuring contemporary American poems, many of which are available to read.
3. Poetry Chaikhana Blog: This blog collects original works of poetry from around the world. Read a poem, watch a video, or get book information on this site.
4. Harriet: The Blog: Harriet is a blogger for the Poetry Foundation, a valuable resource for poets and fans alike. She gives poetry reviews, as well as advice for hopeful poets.
5. Poets: From the Academy of American poets, this site is a must visit for tons of resources on poetry. Learn the basics, read the poem of the day, listen to audio readings, and much more.
6. How a Poem Happens: This blog has many interviews with contemporary poets who discuss the making of poems. Brian is also a published poets and has interviews with Al Maginnes, Stephen Dunn, and more.
7. Favorite Poem Project: Started by Robert Pinsky, this site allows people to submit their favorite poems along with a personal story. You can get videos, information for teachers, and more.
8. The Best American Poetry: This blog contains a great deal of poetry by top authors. You can also subscribe, get book recommendations, and contest information.
9. Read Write Poem: This is an online gathering place for those who love poetry or those who could grow to love poetry. It is full of original works, writing tips, and more.
10. Patrick Martin’s Poetry Resource: This site is offered as a public service to poets and lovers of poetry. Patrick has an extensive collection of poetry links that are continually updated in addition to his blog.
11. Poetry Daily: Each day, Don and Diane bring you a new poem from books, magazines, and journals. Poems are chosen from a wide variety of eminent poets, along with those who are less well known.
12. Sonnet Central: Eric runs this site complete with English sonnets, commentary, and relevant web links. Poets are even encouraged to submit their own sonnets.
13. Jest for Pun: Gunjan maintains a wide collection of poetry, puns, limericks, and more. Also included are definitions, cartoons, and loads of pun related material.
14. Wole Soyinka: Run by a fan, this blog is dedicated to the Nobel winning poet. It is a collection of multiple interviews, quotes, and more.
15. DIY Publishing: This blog is a must visit for poets who are interested in publishing. Learn tips and tricks, as well as a guide for making your own poetry book.
16. Poetry Hut Blog: With daily poetry news, stop here for dozens of regularly posted updates. You can also sign up to receive a free book of poetry.
17. Paul Lisicky: Paul has several published works and is currently an instructor at NYU. His blog contains reviews, as well as videos.
18. Carol Peters: A poetry lover, Carol reads a book of poems per day. She then lists her favorites on her blog. With hundreds to choose from, you can find poems from professionals, as well as amateurs.
19. Ada Limon: This blogger is not afraid to post the works of others, as well as her own on this blog. With entries dating back to 2006, Ada’s blog is worth a visit.
20. 32 Poems Magazine: Deborah runs this blog which contains news on the poetry industry. You can also get a free issue of the magazine, as well as view the online poetry workshop.
21. Birthdays of Poets: Since June 2005 the River Junction Poets have hosted free readings to discuss life, poetry, and plan events around the birthdays of poets. This blog contains many poems, along with useful links and information.
22. First Book Interviews: This site is a comprehensive set of interviews with famous writers who often discuss their first books. With 19 and counting to choose from, the latest was with poet Dan Albergotti.
23. Paul Hoover: This site is for posting poems, essays about poetry, and thoughts about the art. In addition to regular poetry related posts, Paul also blogs about aesthetic theory.
24. Blogalicious: Diane is a poet living in New Jersey who has published several works. She regularly blogs on the poetry world and gives reviews.
25. Silliman’s Blog: Ron has been blogging on poetry since 2002. Get recommendations, links to interesting articles, and more.
26. The Best Words in Their Best Order: The Farrar Straus and Giroux poetry blog is full of useful information for and on poets. You can get interviews with poets and editors, as well as downloads and online works.
27. Gotta Book: Greg is a writer, librarian, and a lover of poetry. Be sure to check out the 30 Poets in 30 Days section for unpublished works.
28. Poet Hound: This blog is dedicated to connecting people to poetry whether for the first time or attracting veterans. It is intended to be easy to read, as well as concise.
29. World Class Poetry Blog: This blog contains commentary on modern poetry. Recent posts include how Twitter and the internet affect poetry, as well as speculation on the next Shakespeare.
30. We Love Poems: This community of contributors share their love poems through this site. Read hundreds of entries, or post your own.
31. Lulu Poetry: This site helps poets win prizes and recognition for poems. You can enter a free contest, read other poet’s work, learn tips from other enthusiastic poets, and more.
32. One Poet’s Notes: Edward Byrne blogs on recommended readings and responses to writings on poetry. A recent blog entry contained a tribute to Deborah Digges.
33. Avoiding the Muse: Dale practices medicine full time in addition to being a published poet and the poetry editor of “The New England Review.” He blogs about his life, work, and of course: poetry.
34. Avoiding the Muse: Dale practices medicine full time in addition to being a published poet and the poetry editor of “The New England Review.” He blogs about his life, work, and of course: poetry.
35. Being and Writing: Kate is a poet and novelist who constantly finds herself between drafts. Her blog contains numerous interviews, as well as her thoughts on current events.
36. Just One Poem: This virtual poetry group posts a poem, then a prompt, then they discuss. You can even join in on the collaborative sestina.
37. John Baker’s Blog: The main focus of the blog is fiction and writing, but it often expands into general cultural or political questions. You can also find various poetry related entries.
38. Lorcaloca: Eduardo is a poet and the interview editor for “Boxcar Poetry Review.” His blog is full of commentary on the world of poetry and beyond.
39. Out of the Woodwork: Brian is a Canadian poet with several publications and a music CD. He blogs on poetry, with an occasional foray into the arts or politics.
40. Possum Ego: This blogger posts on poetry, rhetoric, and communication. Entries include commentary on current events, as well as entire poems.
41. Very Like a Whale: Nic is a poet living in Virginia with his first collection of poems due out soon. Be sure to stop by the ten questions section for interviews with other poets.
42. White Chicken: Michelle runs this blog as a focused examination of contemporary poetry that attempts to analyze today’s poets and their work. She often picks a poet and subject and examines them.
43. Blog of a Bookslut: This blog contains features, reviews, columns, and more. A recent entry took a look at the Sylvia Plath workshop.
44. Poetry & Poets in Rags: Rus is a car salesman from Massachusetts who dabbles in poetry. Get news, announcements, and more poetry related items on his blog.
45. Yuckelbel’s Canon: Russell is a poet living in Kazakhstan. He posts raves, poetry, and recommended readings.
46. Poet a Day: Each day, this blog features a different poet’s blog or web site. It also gives a preview, along with a review of the site.
Original Work
These poets use their blogs to display their work, post appearance dates, along with advice, tips, and musings.
47. Mshairi: She is a Kenyan living in the UK and dreaming of a time when the cultural, legal and political obstacles that prevent African women from attaining equality are eradicated. You can find a multitude of her poems on this blog.
48. Every Other Day: Although she hasn’t posted in a while, Kate Greenstreet’s blog is worth a visit. You can get links to her work, interviews, and more.
49. Amy King: Amy is a poet with several published books. Her blog contains dozens of online poems, reviews, and even an audio section.
50. Mark Doty: Mark is a poet and instructor living in New York. His blog is full of poetry reviews and recommendations, as well as links to his own work.
51. Amputated Moon: This west coast native transplanted into the deep south posts all their original work on this blog. Mostly poetry, but it also contains thoughts on nature and writing.
52. Mike Snider: Mike posts his rants and raves about poetry. You can find the latest news in poetry, along with reviews and recommendations. Be sure to check out Some Poetry Sites for loads of original work.
53. Blogging Poet: Billy couldn’t bear to throw his poetry away. So he started this blog and it now contains tons of poems, stories, and more.
54. Baroque in Hackney: With a collection of poetry published, this blogger regularly posts on the latest in poetry, along with recommendations of her favorite work.
55. Peony Moon: Michelle is a poet who lives in South Africa. Her blog contains recommendations on the works of others, as well as original poems.
56. Sonnets at 4 a.m.: Greg is a writer who lives and works in West Michigan. He often writes posts on his favorite contemporary poets, as well as his own poetic musings.
57. Alfred Corn: Alfred is a poet, novelist, and critic with several published works. He writes about his adventures, his art, and more.
58. Chicks Dig Poetry: Sandra Beasley is a poet, an editor for “The American Scholar,” and a contributor to “The Washington Post.” You can find links to her works, as well as her favorites, and more on this blog.
59. Almost I Rushed From Home to Tell You This: Paul Guest is a published poet living in Georgia. He often posts his musings, including his favorite poetry.
60. Jake Adam York: Jake is a poet and the director of the Creative Writing Program at the University of Colorado Denver. Get appearance updates, recommendations, and interesting thoughts on current events from this blog.
61. Mouthfeel: This blog is the place for original works of poetry, as well as a good dose of humor.
62. Soul Intoxicated: The blogger known as the Lover uses this blog to post original work. In addition to poetry, you can find short stories, and even leave feedback.
63. Wanderer Thoughts: Justin is a poet, husband, and father. His blog contains original works, contest information, and more.
64. Beloved Dreamer: Melanie blogs on poetry, prose, free verse, writing, and anything that comes to mind. You can get loads of original work on this blog, along with musings and ramblings.
65. Sailor’s Diary: A sailor by profession, Fred is a poet at heart. Traveling through the never ending drifts of saga, confronting mysteries and, managing several quests, he invites you to be the crew in his multiple original poems.
66. The Joby Chronicle: The personal musings, random thoughts, stories and poems of writer, Joseph Powell. In addition to poems, you can also get thoughts of the week from Joseph.
67. Sorry Apologies: Toby is a student of English and Creative Writing at the University of Arkansas. Lately, he has included short fiction in addition to his many poems.
68. Lori Desrosiers: Lori is a poet and writer living in Massachusetts. In addition to links to her work, you can also find information on awards and prizes.
69. Afraid of the Dark: Mittens posts on a variety of things on his blog. You can find original work, pet peeves, and poetic ramblings.
70. Chicano Poet: Reyes is a published poet living in Texas. You can find his original poems, as well as some of his favorites on this blog.
71. HG Poetics: Henry Gould maintains this blog on poetry, in addition to other scholarly leanings. With posts dating back to 2003, there are thousands of entries.
72. PoemShape: Patrick was born in Germany and currently lives in Vermont. He started this blog to share his poetry, Haiku, fables, and criticism.
73. Kevin Sinclair: Kevin lives in Australia where he posts his original poems. You can sort them alphabetically, by category, and even by most read.
For Children
Kids and their parents will enjoy visiting the below sites for original work, writing help, along with loads of fun.
74. Carol Hurst: This is a collection of reviews of great books for kids, ideas of ways to use them in the classroom, and activities about particular subjects. Carol’s enormous site also contains listings by subject, author, and more.
75. Chicken Spaghetti: A blog intended for children, it also has a section for poetry. You can get book recommendations, information on Poetry Friday, and more.
76. Cybils: This blog contains a list of children’s and young adult bloggers’ awards. With several genres to choose from, there is a special section for poetry.
77. A Wrung Sponge: Andromeda is a librarian who posts about children’s books, poetry, and more. Get recommendations for everything from baby books to poetry for adults on this blog.
78. Janet S. Wong: A poet and author, Janet has appeared on Oprah as well as the White House. Visit her site for poetry, stories, audio readings, and more.
79. Mary Ann Hoberman: Mary is the current Children’s Poet Laureate. On her site, you can find books, poems, and more.
80. Jack Prelutsky: A former Children’s Poet Laureate, Jack’s site contains news on appearances and contests. You can also get information for parents.
81. Tracie Zimmer: Famed children’s author and poet, Tracie Zimmer has written several poetry books for kids. You can get recommendations for other books, as well as more information for teachers and parents.
82. Lesa Cline-Ransome: Readers of Lesa’s books now have a place to ask questions about the wonderful and mysterious world of writing. You can also get a list of FAQ’s, along with recommendations for other books.
83. Paul Fleishman: The author of several children’s books, this site contains updates on his work. You can also read excerpts or a Q & A session.
84. J. Patrick Lewis: A children’s poet and author, J. has a ton of resources on his site. You can get information on his latest appearance, a guide for teachers, poems, riddles, and more.
85. Poetry for Children: Sylvia is a professor at Texas Woman’s University and a published poet. Her blog aims to find and share poetry with young people.
86. Jean Marzollo: This site is a must visit for parents and their children. You can read and play many poems online and even get an interview with Jean.
87. Barking Spiders Poetry for Children: CJ Heck is a poet and author specializing in works for children. Visit here for poetry, stories, tongue twisters, and more.
88. Kenya Marshall: The site is intended to promote literacy and artistic expression among children. You can read poems and stories by Kenya, as well as get useful links.
Video and Audio Poetry
Sometimes poetry is just better when read by a professional. Visit the below sites for hundreds of poems with sound, and occasionally pictures and video.
89. Favorite Poem Project: This collection of 50 short video documentaries showcases individual Americans reading and speaking personally about poems they love. Poets featured include John Ashbery, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Milton, and more.
90. Poetry Vlog: This video blog contains dozens of original poems read by the authors. You can even get information on how to submit your own video.
91. Art of Video: The students at Capuchino High School created this series of original video poems, along with many other projects.
92. Metacafe: With thousands of free videos to choose from, many contain poetry. View poems from around the world on love, religion, and more.
93. WCBN-FM: This show hosts poets and prose writers on a weekly basis. You can get playlists, as well as view the archives for an impressive list of guests.
94. Poetry Visualized: This virtual poetry network features loads of original works posted by artists from all over the world. Tour the site, view a poem, or submit a work of your own.
95. PoetsHaven: This series of videos contain the readings of poets in Edmonton and is organized by the Stroll Poets Society.
96. Slate Poetry Podcast: Poems selected by Robert Pinsky are read by their original authors in this series of podcasts. Download a selection, listen to it instantly, or subscribe to podcast.
97. Robert Pottle: This author of children’s poetry includes videos and podcast to share with your child.
98. Just Audio 2008: This channel was built to showcase the talent at AudioProductions. It has quickly grown into an impressive video collection featuring some of the world’s most noted poets.
99. Poetry Podcasting: The aim of these podcasts is to attract people to poetry, support poets, and provide a public voice. Listen to original works and more on this site.
100. Poetry Animation: This channel is dedicated to virtual animated movies of great poets reincarnated through the wonders of computers reading their best loved poems. Poets include Walt Whitman, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Butler Yeats, and many more.
Everyone from children to beginning poets to published professionals should visit these 100 sites for updates, recommendations, and of course: poems.