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Mimi Ferebee

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READERS: Welcome to RED OCHRE LiT! This month we celebrate with an emotionally packed platform of premier literature. Our contributors hail from America, Canada, Croatia & Serbia--one by one they will stand our stage, broadcasting their notions on identity, self-worth, beauty, loss & truth.

As summer creeps up, lets us immerse into worlds where the characters are so poignant that their stories urge us to be proactive within our own lives. Let us not simply dwindled our pens on sticky notes this June or dangle our bodies in limp July waves, but rather take hold of our passions, backstroking, yes, into the sunset of our creative goals.

Among the writers this month, we have C. Liegh McInnis, the editor and publisher of Back Magnolias Literary Journal. C. Liegh contributed a comprehensive review of The Help by Kathryn Stockett & we encourage you to read his gripping essay. Who or What Does The Help Help?: A Brief Review will motivate a read of this racially stirring work prior to viewing the film in August—and lucky for you, we have ensured enough time to do just that.

Also, let us welcome novice poet and photographer Kathy Boles-Turner to the RED OCHRE family! Kathy is thrilled to present both her poem Upon Wakening and the self-taken photograph that inspire this work!

To read about Kathy's publication journey, visit ROLiT NEWS. This month, we shake things up a bit as Dru MaCauthor, our lovely poetry editor, interviews…yours truly. As RED OCHRE LiT has received a number of questions about the journal, its current policies & future plans, Dru tied me down, retrieving the answers for you all! The interview houses not only your questions as the journal approaches the end of our first year, but also some from our staff as well. Of course, I ask that you read my interview to gain further insight into us & our plans for the upcoming months.

In addition to the literary pieces & interviews, we have the pleasure of presenting you with the talented Teuta Butuci & her The Missing Picture. A Croatian artist, Teuta speaks about the development of her sketch on our ARTIST’S PAGE. Do not miss her story!

Lastly, thank-you to all of our contributors. This is a fantastic issue to boast on our six month mark & we wish you the very best in your next endeavors.

With RED Regards,
Mimi Ferebee

“The Missing Picture'' by Teuta Butuci



Geophagy: A Hunger for Place by Mallory Bass

South Seas-Sirens by Mary Leonard

Two Poems by Joe Amaral

Upon Wakening by Kathy Boles-Turner

On the Way to Japan by Tatjana Debeljački


A Truth the Hand Can Touch by Olga Dugan

Jack Wilson Will Not Teach Me To Dance by David Groulx

Avian Summer by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Two Poems by Elizabeth Swados


Who or What Does The Help Help: A Brief Review by C. Liegh McInnis
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