среда, 19. март 2014.

Never Ending Story

Лептир сан: Венчање Хаику од Татјана Дебељачки

English Original

the wedding
in the Old Town
murmur of the river

Asahi Haikuist Network, January 6, 2012

Tatiana Debeljacki

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Tatjana Debeljacki writes poetry, short stories, and haiku. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS (since 2004) and the Haiku Society of Serbia. She is the deputy editor of Diogen and the editor of Poeta. She has four books of poetry published by Hammer & Anvil Books.

четвртак, 06. март 2014.

“Les éditeurs électroniques de lettres outré”

A House Made of Glass
poetry from Serbia
A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS is an intimate exploration of the senses and the sensual, wrought in the spare yet passionate verbal landscapes that have brought international acclaim to its author, Serbian poet Tatjana Debeljački. Each poem appears in its original Serbian form as well as in English translation: Poetry lovers in both languages will delight in this unique collection from Hammer & Anvil Books, “Les éditeurs électroniques de lettres outré” ..