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Sense and Silence: Collected Poems by R.K.Singh published

Sense and Silence: Collected Poems by R.K.Singh published
A volume of collected poems of R.K.Singh, an Indian English poet, has recently appeared from Yking Books, Jaipur. The volume contains all the previously published collections of the poet besides many new poems, haiku and tanka.
Sense and Silence: Collected Poems: 1974-2009, ISBN 978-81-910588-2-6, a volume of Indian English poet R.K.Singh's all previously published poetry collections and several news ones, particularly haiku, tanka, and haiku and tanka sequences, is now published.

Available to Indian readers, especially teachers and researchers, on 40% discount and free postage, the library edition of the poet's poems is priced at Rs.995/- and is available from: Yking Books, 18, Jain Bhawan, Opp. N.B.C., Shanti Nagar, Jaipur 302006, India.

Others may like to contact the publisher for special discount via email ykingbooks@gmail.com . It is priced at US$ 50 (including postage).

The contents of the book include:

1. My Silence
2. Music Must Sound
3. Memories Unmemoried
4. Flight of Phoenix
5. I Do Not Question
6. Above The Earth’s Green
7. The Face in All Seasons
8. Sexless Solitude
9. The River Returns: Tanka
10. Every Stone Drop Pebble
11. Peddling Dream: Haiku
12. The River Returns: Haiku
13. Some More Haiku
14. Some Haiku Sequences
15. Some Tanka Sequences


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