петак, 03. септембар 2010.

Yahia Lababidi

Yahia Lababidi
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1. The thoughts we choose to act upon define us to others,
the ones we do not define us to ourselves.

2. Impulses we attempt to strangle only develop stronger muscles.

3. History does not repeat itself, human nature does.

4. The small spirit is quick to misperceive an insult,
the large spirit is slow to receive a compliment.

5. However jeweled the mind, we also think through its defects.

6. Time heals old wounds only because there are new wounds to attend to.

7. A good listener helps us overhear ourselves.

8. Envious of natural disasters, men create their own.

9. The personal made universal is art’s truth.

10. Different faiths are different dialects of the same Language.

11. Spirituality occurs at the boiling point of religion, where dogma evaporates.

12. Miracles are proud creatures; they will not reveal themselves to those who do not Believe.

13. Intuition: generous deposits made to our account by an unknown benefactor.

14. To speak of spiritual intimations is a kind of kiss-and-tell.

15. To give birth to a God the self must die in the delivery room.

16. Pleasure may be snatched from life’s clenched fists, not joy.

17. In life, as in love, graceful leave-taking is the epitome of gratitude.

18. Take two opposites, connect the dots, and you have a straight line.

19. We are no more related to our past selves than we are to our future selves.

20. Temptation: seeds we are forbidden to water, that are showered with rain.

21. The power of ideals is such that they may be transmitted even by those who do not live by them.

22. Idealist: lawyer who cannot hear his client, Life, confessing her guilt.

23. To be treated with mercy, some of us must reveal our handicaps,
others must conceal theirs.

24. Like cars in amusement parks, our direction is often determined through collisions.

25. To hurry pain is to leave a classroom still in session.
To prolong pain is to miss the next lesson.

26. Our metaphysical eyes are expert at collapsing distances
–through the apparent to the infinite.

27. Truth can be like a large, bothersome fly - brush it away and it returns buzzing.

28. It is wise to know oneself, if only to add to the sum of human knowledge.

29. With enigmatic clarity, Life gives us a different answer each time we ask her
the same question.

30. Only after we have mastered a thing are we beyond it: such as culture, technique ... even words.

31. Things are at their most comfortable, before they collapse – be they armchairs or relationships.

32. It can be just as difficult to catch a whiff of our own anguish as it is to detect our bad breath.

33. Eye contact: how souls catch fire.