понедељак, 08. фебруар 2010.




dry laundry-
the fish-pattern towel
still damp

hot evening -
his breath
the only breeze

a ladybug
on my red blouse --
almost invisible

wild wind -
my palms too small
to hold the falling leaves

braking the bus
brings me closer
to a stranger

wet street -
careful steps
over lit windows

church stairs --
in the bottle of a beggar
morning light

after the quarrel
the sound of rain fills
the emptiness between us

autumn forest --
step by step
whisper by whisper

четвртак, 04. фебруар 2010.

Michi Inaba

http://murmurofbbcat.blogspot.com/ http://michiinabacats.blogspot.com/


one limb at a time
the falcon calls her fledglings
nearer to flight
Indian summer –
the blackness of a buzzard
defines the horizon
the hiss of an iron
on wax paper
day's tranquility
the contour of doe with fawn
beyond steeping tea
summer sky
a hole through the cloud
to its other side
view from the bus –
women balance fruit baskets
on top of their heads
0a tangerine sunset
where hill meets dale
in the summertime
carnival nightfall
the harvest moon rises
over a ferris wheel
quiet woodlands
distinctly the drone
of a dragonfly
row after row
two draft horses plow –
the odor of potatoes
pink sunset
through each flamingo's stance
another flamingo