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DailyHaiga Jun 2014

Хаига Архива

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Never Ending Story

Лептир сан: Венчање Хаику од Татјана Дебељачки

English Original

the wedding
in the Old Town
murmur of the river

Asahi Haikuist Network, January 6, 2012

Tatiana Debeljacki

Chinese Translation (Traditional)

Chinese Translation (Simplified)


Bio Sketch

Tatjana Debeljacki writes poetry, short stories, and haiku. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS (since 2004) and the Haiku Society of Serbia. She is the deputy editor of Diogen and the editor of Poeta. She has four books of poetry published by Hammer & Anvil Books.

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“Les éditeurs électroniques de lettres outré”

A House Made of Glass
poetry from Serbia
A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS is an intimate exploration of the senses and the sensual, wrought in the spare yet passionate verbal landscapes that have brought international acclaim to its author, Serbian poet Tatjana Debeljački. Each poem appears in its original Serbian form as well as in English translation: Poetry lovers in both languages will delight in this unique collection from Hammer & Anvil Books, “Les éditeurs électroniques de lettres outré” ..

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MARCH 2014
Categories: Haiku
Selectors: Amanda Joy, Meryl Manoy, Rose van Son & Gary De Piazzi

Martin Pedersen
Tatjana Debeljački
Gary Colombo De Piazzi
Jesus Chameleon
Jan Napier
Peter O’Malley
Paresh Tiwari
Jayashree Maniyil
Graeme Butler
Ramesh Anand
Meryl Manoy
Duncan Richardson
Myron Lysenko
Shloka Shankar
Tash Adams
Rose van Son
Vinay Ravindranath
Angelee Deodhar

forest night –
I go in deeper

Martin Pedersen

in shade
grandpa is sipping green tea
grafting fruit trees

an old woman
warming herself by the fireplace
white rooftops

Tatjana Debeljački, Užice, Serbia

the bone gnawed
all day

weeping willow
strands of hair
hide her tears

cracked window
two sides to a view

raindrops all day
stones on my roof

Gary Colombo De Piazzi

feral cat –
trees cast a shadow

Jesus Chameleon, the Marianas. 

forty three degrees
even the Fremantle doctor
has died

Jan Napier

high speed katydids
rev up in the August night –
heat wave doesn’t stop

Peter O’Malley. New Jersey USA

between two clouds
a wet bird
spreads its wings


tea garden –
we pluck out two leaves
worth of memories

dwindling lake –
an egret turns her gaze
to the sky

distant howl –
night closes in
tree by tree,

spring evening
inked on her ankle
cherry blossoms

mountain road –
we drive past the sun
on hairpin bends

Paresh Tiwari

fast train –
the cry of seagulls
before and after

Jayashree Maniyil

Splendid Wren
on barbed wire fence
my sapphire ring

Graeme Butler

cut off kite
the sound of children
fading with it

first light
last night’s rain
cupped in a mushroom

Ramesh Anand

bush walk
surrounded by bird song
cyclist whistles past

blue sky
clouds drift by
gibbous moon

she sweeps leaves
her hair blown

courting couple
pink and grey galahs
step in tandem

Meryl Manoy

dung beetle workshop

sailing under the bridge
on a seed pod
- blue dragonfly

Japanese garden
fruit bats and tourists

old enemies help
each other go around
the pill box

Duncan Richardson

fallen rocks –
the eel glides under
a duck

they marry on the edge
of a cliff

Myron Lysenko

summer sky –
our fluttering kites
battle it out

blackout ­–
we sit on the porch
counting stars

Shloka Shankar, Bangalore, India

morning service
movement of hands
at the coffee machine

Tash Adams

herringbone stitch
bird feet in the sand

the silver river below
the charcoal sky

inside a windflower
a new summer’s day

Rose van Son

unopened crayons
he presents a painting
of spilt milk

black coffee –
tonight I sip
the full moon

Vinay Ravindranath. Bangalore, India.

railway mosque –
a flash of blue
a kingfisher takes off

neck deep in wheat fields
peacocks pick their way
through pools of mud

Angelee Deodhar, India

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Tatjana Debeljacki

over the moon’s seas
salty air

यात्रा कर रहे
चन्द्रमा के समुद्र पर
नमकीन हवा

dandelion fields
at the edge the hot sand
the moon is the beacon

डेन्डीलायन के खेत
गर्म रेत के किनारे पर
चंद्रमा दीप-स्तम्भ है

the eagle flies
the salmon in the stream
the full moon rises

चील उड़ रही
नदी में सालमन मछलियाँ हैं
पूर्ण चाँद उग रहा

In the clear night
shining in the moonlight
a forest orchestra

साफ रात्रि में
चमक रहा चांदनी में
जंगल का ऑरकेस्टरा

An old woman
Warming herself by the fireplace.
White rooftops

एक बुढ़िया
अंगीठी सेक रही
सफेद छतें

Tatjana Debeljacki, Uzice, Serbia

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