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World Haiku Review

Haiku 3 - Vanguard
March 2013

   Haiku page 3 - Vanguard

First Place

        In every flower
        the hidden I Am
        looks at me

Riitta Rossilahti 

 Second Place

how things don't matter
when I sit down to explain
how things don't matter

Martin Esposito
Third Place

fogged mirror
learning to smile
at myself

Cathy Drinkwater Better

Seven Honourable Mentions
(in no particular order)

            doctor’s office
            staring at the book
            I still plan to read

Cathy Drinkwater Better

picture postcard
ghosts from this city
the sea took back

Rebecca Drouilhet

shaving off my beard;
the scar from the war 
appears in the mirror

Ty Hadman

Coffin flowers

Once in full colour
Last blooms adorn
A willow box.

Michael Baron

first light
the crushing weight
of sleepless hours

Cathy Drinkwater Better

Gulls compete
for the winter sky
so what has the crow
to shout about.

Colin Stewart Jones

hot chocolate
his warm hand on mine

Máire Morrissey-Cummins

(Haiku of Merit , in the alphabetical order of authors’ surname)

when her bud bursts,
my flower child

S.M. Abeles

departing . . .
the heaviness of
mother’s hug
 Ramesh Anand  

Bones of contention
Beneath Leicestershire car park
From Ambion Hill

Martin A. Chambers

Grave situation
Bring home our last Son of York
With us for ever

Martin A. Chambers

pond hockey
searching for the puck
in a thicket of reeds

Bill Cooper

the winds of time
corrode the flesh in
the desert spirit

Tatjana Debeljački  

all the things I promised her
ghost moon

Robert Michael Drouilhet

each moment
is what
we have

Marje A. Dyck

knotted like a rune
she rests no less beautiful
giving dreams a home

Martin Esposito

I’ve just found the bulbs
those you promised to plant
You sod in the ground

Helen Frost
Gun violence, a haiku sequence

seeming epidemic
random deadly shootings
in the land of the free

color them red
innocent victims
of gun violence

staring puzzled
at a deep black abyss
kins of murder victims

gun control debate
who's to blame: the gun
or the trigger man
Victor P. Gendrano 

seated on the saddle
of the sorrel gelding 
a golden gadfly

Ty Hadman

your shapely legs
 Brendan Hewitt

in the tornado’s wake
the azure sky
in a shard of mirror

Elizabeth Howard

rumors of war
I scatter cracked corn
for a stray white dove

Elizabeth Howard

she held me closely
for no reason at all ---
my defenses falter

Howard Lee Kilby

as we sit for the vows
a thread from my skirt snags
your plastic chair


solemn white face
hides erotic thoughts

Marilyn Linn

chrysalis opens
as snug as a bug
in the rug

Andy Pomphrey

dawn light
between them
just a smile

Andy Pomphrey
Self barriers

Resentment and guilt,
heads and tails of life’s coinage; 
all love excluded.

Gary James Sycalik

Catch a mockingbird,
cage the song, repeat the notes;
freedom withering.

Gary James Sycalik


Out of mist and fog,
dancing forms move in rhythms;
thoughts dancing the mind.

Gary James Sycalik
Who is

Faint sounds of laughter,
peals from time-distant mind-shores;
but, who is laughing?

Gary James Sycalik 

Dolce risveglio
il sogno è l’infinita
ombra del Vero

Sweet awakening
the dreams are the infinite
shades of Truth

Felice Vinci

a new date
she buys new make up
she does not need

Athena Zaknic

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Yareah magazine issue 35

Yareah magazine issue 35 

‘Your Movie’ April 2013

Yareah Magazine had a great month. During March, we have received so many wonderful submissions and so many great authors and artists have wanted to collaborate with our cultural magazine that we are really honored. Here, you will find a selection of the best of this month. Enjoy the issue, Yareah friends: Art is Everywhere!

Yareah Magazine Issue 35: your movie
Yareah Magazine Issue 35: your movie

Special Sections by
James Goertel… http://yareah.com/writing-2/under-the-same-moon/
Jenean C Gilstrap… http://yareah.com/writing-2/gypsy-woman-world/

Poetry by
Sharon Catley… http://yareah.com/sensual-poems-cosmic-love-0783/
Leah Lubin… http://yareah.com/glimpses-each-other-0840/
Hal O’Leary… http://yareah.com/poems-of-a-life-puzzlement-800/
Elizabeth Dunphey… http://yareah.com/brooke-shields-most-beautiful-0835/
Gerard Rochford… http://yareah.com/easter-2013-jesus-mary-0915/
Bethany W. Pope… http://yareah.com/sex-without-love-0759/
Adreyo Sen… http://yareah.com/pain-aging-stories-0933/
Ali Znaidi… http://yareah.com/haiku-poems-saturday-0796/
R A Lovelace… http://yareah.com/questioning-love-life-0927/
Tatjana Debeljacki… http://yareah.com/letters-of-love-0926/
Yolanda Beukes… http://yareah.com/prayer-for-today-faith-0900/
Zach Fishel… http://yareah.com/nature-power-beauty-strength-0887/

Martin Cid… http://yareah.com/the-woman-in-the-fifth-review-872/
Echi Aaberg… http://yareah.com/movie-reviews-searching-sugarman-0777/
Dewey Edward Chester… http://yareah.com/gary-cooper-barbara-stanwyck-0891/
Marcus Speh… http://yareah.com/linguistic-cross-dressing-0780/

Short Stories by
Elizabeth Dunphey… http://yareah.com/american-stories-dakota-0841/
Dewey Edward Chester… http://yareah.com/american-stories-boomer-moon-0931/
Martin Cid… http://yareah.com/0937-the-old-siren-chapter-i-by-martin-cid/
Tatjana Debeljacki… http://yareah.com/flash-fiction-feeling-japan-0906/


Painting by
Oliver Sin… http://yareah.com/science-and-art-oliver-sin-0857/
Michael Hafftka… http://yareah.com/dogs-arts-velazquez-hafftka-0889/
Michael Bell… http://yareah.com/short-film-honoring-amanda-todd-0802/
Maite Rodriguez… http://yareah.com/spain-light-artist-maite-rodriguez-0809/
Ken O’Neill… http://yareah.com/painting-morning-coffee-0791/
Carl Wassa Lubeck.. http://yareah.com/henriette-bonde-hansen-portrait-0550/
Oxana Kokorina… http://yareah.com/smart-quotes-oxana-kokorina-0871/

Ceramics by
Christof Mayer… http://yareah.com/ceramics-painting-christof-mayer-0846/

Photography by
Eugenia Rudaya… http://yareah.com/photo-of-the-day-beauty-rudaya-0894/
Inna Mikitas… http://yareah.com/photo-of-the-day-inna-mikitas-0874/
G&M David de Lossy… http://yareah.com/photo-of-the-day-sharp-nature-0908/
Brendan Murphy… http://yareah.com/belfast-cafes-brendan-murphy-0856/
Interlope… http://yareah.com/photo-of-the-day-landscape-0866/
Marcela Cava Balsa… http://yareah.com/photo-of-the-day-bank-cyprus-0860/
Seray Niyazi… http://yareah.com/sexy-girl-photography-0774/
Zee Ke… http://yareah.com/0852-travel-to-india-with-zee-kee-photos/

Conceptual art by
Dan Gerbo… http://yareah.com/ferrari-pierced-dan-gerbo-0844/

Movies… http://yareah.com/movies-2/
Lifestyle… http://yareah.com/lifestyle/

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Yareah magazine friends!

Letters of Love and Despair 

by Tatjana Debeljacki

Letters of Love and despair by Tatjana Debeljacki… 

Beautiful words full of feelings and deep emotions. 

Enjoy your day, Yareah magazine friends!

Letters of Love and Despair by Tatjana Debeljacki

Photo by Sabine Sauermaul

The Letter

Well I just wanted to say hello to you.
Yesterday I had no time for it, I know you’d expected it. Sorry.
Understand me, please.
In return, I love you.
There is so much work to do but I can’t get you out of my head.
Sometimes I am daydreaming.
And I can’t sleep at nights.
Your suburban guy loves you, your fat swine.

For the First and The Last
Time I Wrote a Poem

The Greatest Poem of All

You and Me

Please forgive me for this poem
being so short.
Even the title is longer than the poem itself.
I told you:
“I’m not good at writing!”

In Cyrillic, I’m inside you
written in Latin,
you are inside me
What kind of Ikebana would it be
two of us in Japanese script?

13 hours and 2 minutes. Thursday, March.
I love you. Enough said.
6th April.
In case I had forgotten to write you a letter, I did not forget to love you.