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Sabahudin Hadžialić
Editor of the site Diogenis.0fees.net

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Sabahudin Hadžialić

Authors and / or "Authors"

"Authors" are the peculiar character of the personality and thoughts, directed to the supernatural form of their own presentations. Some might say that writers, not to say prose writers, poets, essayist, with their mission about their fate of not only him / her but also of ourselves, readers (sorry…do we all secretly somewhere write something for ourselves ?) wish egoistic, self-confident, exclusively to leave their own mark on our own falling field - what is the name for the World nowadays. No! Through writing urbi et orbi they convey a common experience for all of us. Transformed and beautiful landscape paintings, love, suffering, in a word …of living.. but also…death.

Do the holy books, and regardless of whom belong to and how, are formed between the cover? Is the present century of the nanotechnology within the shape of digital form of presentation of the spiritual treasure becomes more and more part of our everyday life? For whom? Of what? Not because of us.

For those who will come. To read Shakespeare and Baudelaire in the virtual room environment while the voice of the reader decant records in our cerebral convolutions is like as walking through the beautiful beaches, sun-illuminated. While we are baked on the sand and the sun makes us red.

But, the next moment of time we would be refreshed with the sensuous touching of the sea / ocean, which we belongs, as we are. The human ones. Our authors-AUTHORS of Diogenes are all the writers, not to say prose writers, poets, essayist, ... who are seeking exactly that perfection.

Please, do not deceive ourselves. Some of us might succeed. But, who are we to judge. Future generations will, distanced from us, crude creatures that are called: people and when they are "digging" the remains of our destiny, know how to analyze that . Authors are not here only because of themselves. They are here for the future ... common, first and foremost.

Sabahudin Hadžialić
Editor of the site Diogenis.0fees.net

Within the each editorial of any newspaper, magazine and/or web portal, all editors are trying to describe the use of the title itself and in other words „carrier“ of the sign of the used presumptions of the carrier of the activities which are planned within probable media possibilities. Editor of this site will not do that. Because of the few reasons:
1. This is the free site of the free-open-minded intellectuals of the area wider than „encircled“. Namely, virtual world gives numerous numbers of possibilities for the communication but in the same time it is of use for the never dried out source for the huge number of information. But, this information, as well all represented here, on this site, will be in the services of the promotion quality of good and/or good quality. „Quality of the good and/or Good of the quality“ in literature, philosophy, world of cartoons and politics and/or information within whole shape of human living called culture and art. The one put aside and possible. Quality one.
2. This is a free site-web portal of the persons who do not hate and do not want to hate but only to hate impossibility to express/represent the mission of free-open-minded assumed wills. We are human-nostalgic persons who would like to live the life of the free people with appreciation of the other and different one human being. And not to based that on the name he/she caries but only to be based on the character of the assumed „good of the quality and/or quality of the good“ which represents.
3. We do not want renewal any kind of ugly/rude/cruel shape not only of cultural and artistic activity of the special entities shaped up in one artificial shape above all-of some kind super-state of some community of the people and/pr states. No! We respect decisions of the people and states in which they are living at, as much as possible more and in a quality way within their states, whatever they call them and wish to.
4. We would like that all artists of all races, colors, nations, people to join us...i one word from the area of the Planet regardless the language and God they pray to.
5. However, we will never publish anything (and not even allow to be published here) any kind of contents which derogate the human being in any kind of way per se and in other words anything that makes him human being within whole encircled environment of his own.
6. In the same time, DIOGENES is the area of the open free-open.minded dialogue because of the common good, above all. To do good. Because good gives good.
7. Coordination is the mother of the success. We are here to coordinate your talents, hopes, knowledge skills and wishes. We do not want to in any moment above you. Just aside and with you.
I would like to invite you to send us your own works, information and everything you consider the relevant and important for the creation of the possible, quality living and creation. To learn together. Us. And you.
Welcome to our world. But also yours. Because of us. And you.
Editor of the site
Sabahudin Hadžialić
writer and freelance journalist