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Le Zaporogue magazine issue 11

Le Zaporogue magazine issue 11/

numéro 11. Avec/with: Jerry Wilson Marie Simon Tatjana Debeljacki Gary J. Shipley Soaz Sahli Tikulli Tiku Gonzalo Barr Isabelle Cottet Maree Scarlett Delphine Ullmann David Royal Guillaume Decourt Seb Doubinsky Matt Bialer

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Poetry - ItsGoLdenMag.org

~Creative Genius with a GoLden tWiSt~

“A true poet does not bother to be poetical. Nor does a nursery gardener scent his roses.” -Jean Cocteau December Poets: Eftichia Kapardeli, Tatjana Debeljacki, James Toma, Alexis Roeckner, Matthew Harris, Walter William Safar, and B.M. Mozimo

Tatjana Debeljački, was born on 23.04.1967 in Užice. Tatjana writes poetry, short stories, stories and haiku. She currently is a member of Association of Writers of Serbia -UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia – HDS Serbia, HUSCG – Montenegro and HDPR, Croatia. A member of Writers’ Association Poeta, Belgrade since 2008, HKD Croatia since 2009 and a member of Poetry Society “Antun Ivanošić” Osijek since 2011. Deputy of the main editor (cooperation with magazines & interviews). http://diogen.weebly.com/redakcijaeditorial-board.html Editor of the magazine “Poeta”, published by Writers’ Association “Poeta” http://www.poetabg.com/ Union of Yugoslav Writers in Homeland and Immigration – Belgrade, Literary Club Yesenin – Belgrade.Up to now, she has published four collections of poetry: “A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS “, published by ART – Užice in 1996; collection of poems “YOURS“, published by Narodna knjiga Belgrade in 2003; collection of haiku poetry “VOLCANO”, published by Lotos from Valjevo in 2004. A CD book “A HOUSE MADE OF GLASS” published by ART in 2005, bilingual SR-EN with music, AH-EH-IH-OH-UH, published by Poeta, Belgrade in 2008.Her poetry and haiku have been translated into several languages. Email/Websites/Blogs http://debeljacki.mojblog.rs/

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Poets Amongst Us Aquillrelle Poetry Three, an Anthology

Poets Amongst Us Aquillrelle Poetry Three, an Anthology
Our third contest. The good news being that Aquillrelle starts attracting more submissions - with about 1000 poems and 300 poets there is nothing to complain about. The bad news being that high quality submissions were so numerous that choosing the winners was a real ordeal. Oh, what a wonderful ordeal...

As always - we don’t ask others to take our word for it. We ask them to test our taste and judge our judgment. Here is your opportunity. The poems in this book are anything from good to stupendous. If you are a poetry lover - this is certainly a book for you.

ISBN 978-1-4709-6382-8





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Ireland, Listowel
thefirstcut is the on-line magazine of the Listowel Writers Group. The group has met regularly in various venues since 2003. The past year has seen a hiatus in our activities because of various commitments and illness; this interruption has served to focus our member's minds on just how important the group is to us, both in the pursuance of our hobby and as a social outlet. We therefore intend to reform the group in September. This e-zine is being published as additional outlet for our merry clutch of scribblers, and, of course, being on the Web, it is open to all-comers. Use it, broadcast it. How it develops is up to you. Send your contributions renagown@gmail.com

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NAP blog: I WANT YOUR EYES: NAP needs eyes. You have eyes. Give NAP your eyes. Pictures of your closed eyes. Well one closed eye will do. You can send both. NAP ...

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17 September 2011

Anastasia Nikolis - Instances when telephones give way to telegrams
Andrew Campbell-Kearsey - Magnum Opus
Michael C Sullivan - Invisible Lives
Nicolette van der Walt - from my first to my last body
Wanda Lea Brayton - My Love’s Hands

Alonzo Nunez - I Can’t Chill
Alonzo Nunez - Watts Living
Amber Brodie - Story of a Good Mother
Amber Brodie - The One Whose Name Was Writ in Water
Chantel Fortier - snow angel
Chantel Fortier - The Sky is Falling
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé - Whitsunday Island
Earl LeClaire - Night Taxi
Gabriele U Stauf - Changshu Speculations
Gloria MacKay - Eye Openers
Jane Elkin - Give and Take
Ken Eaton-Dykes - The Passing of Mona Mc. Claine
Leah Miranda Hughes - Escape Route
Liz Hufford - Border Battle
Liz Hufford - Memorial
Matlyn Peracca - Habibi
Peggy Ann Tartt - My Mother’s Father
Peggy Ann Tartt - 53
Richard Doiron - Born On A Checkerboard Square
Rifkah - Dance with Me
Ujjol Kamal - Kiss before death
W. F. Lantry - Mendelssohn
W. F. Lantry - Chateau Miranda

A - Abhipsa Gaur, Alan I Reed, Amar, Amber Brodie, Amy Standring,
Anastasia Nikolis, Andrew Scott, Anna Rindfleisch, Archana Jayaseelan,
B - Baishali Bhaumik Mitra, Baljeet Singh Randhawa,
Béatrice Boufoy-Bastick, Bernard Cadillon,
Bolko Ravicz, Brian Stark,
C - Candice James, Chantel Fortier, Charles Banks Jr,
Chez Harvey, Colin Marschall, Cynthia Baculi-Condez,
D - Daniel Dean Young, Darrell Lindsey, David Clarke,
Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé,
E - Earl LeClaire, Elizabeth Glenn-Copeland,
Ellenelizabeth Cernek-Kashk, Erin Gregory,
Erwin Kroon, Ezeiyoke Peter Nonso,
F - Fred McIlmoyle,
G - Gabriele U Stauf, Gail Willems, Gary Winters,
Geoffrey Greer, Gitana Deneff, Gloria MacKay,
H - H D Moore, Hannah Erwin,
J - Jack Horne, James A. Coghlan, Jane Elkin,
Jeet Oberoi, Jennifer Hodgens, Jessica Livermore, Joie Schmidt,
K - Karen A. Powel, Katherine K. Walker,
Ken Eaton-Dykes, Kiarra Lynn Smith,
L - Lakora Emery, Leah Miranda Hughes, Lisa Nicole,
Liz Hufford, Ljiljana Milosavljević, Louis Marvin, Lynn Veach Sadler,
M - Marianne Yenouskas, Masiela Lusha, Matlyn Peracca,
Matthew Shane Yodhes, Meg Eden, Michael C Sullivan,
Michael Lee Johnson, Michael Shorb, Moria Jackson,
N - Nicolette van der Walt, Nisant Shah, Nivedita N,
P - Parul Garg, Pasha Alden, Pauline Suwanbana,
Peggy Ann Tartt, Peter Goulding, Philippe Shils,
R - Rachel Yu, Richard Doiron, Rifkah, Rinzu Rajan, Rishaw Gupta,
S - S.E. McDermott, Samantha Sloan, Sharon Charmz,
Smriti Prabhat, Sonja Benskin Mesher, Stuart Higginson, Sunak Natasha,
T - Tatjana Debeljački, Tom Botkin, Tristan Welch, Twill,
U - Ujjol Kamal,
W - W.F. Lantry, Wanda Lea Brayton, William Ryan Hilary,
X - Xin Liu, Z - Zoe I. Levornik.

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by Helen Ivory - Ink Sweat & Tears - the poetry & prose webzine :Tatjana Debeljacki

Ink Sweat & Tears - the poetry & prose webzine
Are There

Someone is breaking the branches?!
From midnight to the dawn,
The forest is trembling inside me.
My trees are innocent,
Thirsty for milk,
Firm hands, and
The scent of effervesce.
I'm drinking my mint tea.
I'm bringing tranquility without aim,
And flowers for the vase.
When I look at it is never the same.
I'm starting to believe in a fertility of miracles.
Is there the flame, which could turn the heavens
Into the ashes?
Are there any hands to pick up my ripe apples?!

*Tatjana Debeljački was born in 1967 in Užice. Member of Association of Writers of Serbia UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia HDS Montenegro-HUSCG&HDPR, Croatia. She has published three collections of poetry: A House Made of Glass, ART – Užice; Yours, NARODNA KNJIGA Belgrade and Vulcano by Haiku Lotos, Valjevo.CD-BOOK and Ah-eh-eeh-oh-ooh by Poeta Belgrade. 2008. She edits Poeta.


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World Haiku Association

WHA will co-hold the 2nd Tokyo Poetrty Festival & the 6th World Haiku Association Conference 2011, 9-11 September in Tokyo.

WHA will co-hold the 2nd Tokyo Poetrty Festival & the 6th World Haiku Association Conference 2011, 9-11 September in Tokyo.
This doubleЦентрирај festival website:

After it, we will begin to edit “World Haiku 2012: No. 8”.

Ban'ya Natsuishi
3-16-11 Tsuruse-nishi, Fujimi
Saitama, Japan 354-0026
Tel & fax: +81-49-252-9823

World Haiku Association
Meiji University
Tokyo Poetry Festival

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MAGNAPOETS - issue 8, July 2011

Cover photography © Dave Wilson Photography 2009, all rights reserved
no unauthorized use or distribution

Featuring our Proust Questionnaire results, and contributions by L. Ward Abel, Jeffrey Alfier, Ramesh Anand, Pamela A. Babusci, Janick Belleau, Tom Berman, Marshall Bood, Bob Brill, Dawn Bruce, Helen Buckingham, Lerys Byrnes, Laura Carter, Steven Carter, Sonam Chhoki, Tobi Cogswell, Susan Constable, Bill Cooper,William Cullen Jr, Magdalena Dale, Tatjana Debeljački, Curtis Dunlap, Denis Emorine, Robert Epstein, Claire Everett, Joanne Faries, Amelia Fielden, Tisa Garrison, Hugh Fox, Bill Frayer, Jay Friedenberg, Beverley George, Barbara Golding, Sanford Goldstein, Taylor Graham, Peter Grieco,Dan Hardison, David Herrle, Jeff Hoagland, Ruth Holzer, Alegria Imperial, SK Iyer, Sarah Katharina Kayß, Ray Keifetz, Mary Kipps, Bruce Lader, Catherine J. S. Lee, Dan Lewis, Chen-ou Liu, Bob Lucky, Rafael Miguel Montes, Martine MORILLON-CARREAU, Ben Nardolilli, ayaz daryl Nielsen, Scott Owens, Oprica Padineau, Carl Palmer, Stanely Pelter, Răzvan Pintea, David Pratt, Patricia Prime, Carol Raisfeld, Kala Ramesh, Alexis Rotella, Tracy Royce, Walter Ruhlmann, Miriam Sagan, Carol Schwalberg, David Serjeant, Adelaide B. Shaw, Radhey Shiam, Stanley Siceloff, Dr. Roger G. Singer, John Soules, Tim Staley, Craig W. Steele, Vivien Steels, André Surridge, Luminita Suse, Mark Teaford (M. Franklyn Teaford), Yoav J. Tenembaum, David Terlinck, Shelly Reed Thieman, Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson, James Tipton, Davide Trame, Matthew Vasiliauskas, Margaret Van Every, Santiago B. Villafania, Anne Whitehouse, Neal Whiman, Steve Wilkinson, Richard K. Williams, Dave Wilson, and Nick Zegarac.

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Mimi Ferebee

ISSN 2159-9211

READERS: Welcome to RED OCHRE LiT! This month we celebrate with an emotionally packed platform of premier literature. Our contributors hail from America, Canada, Croatia & Serbia--one by one they will stand our stage, broadcasting their notions on identity, self-worth, beauty, loss & truth.

As summer creeps up, lets us immerse into worlds where the characters are so poignant that their stories urge us to be proactive within our own lives. Let us not simply dwindled our pens on sticky notes this June or dangle our bodies in limp July waves, but rather take hold of our passions, backstroking, yes, into the sunset of our creative goals.

Among the writers this month, we have C. Liegh McInnis, the editor and publisher of Back Magnolias Literary Journal. C. Liegh contributed a comprehensive review of The Help by Kathryn Stockett & we encourage you to read his gripping essay. Who or What Does The Help Help?: A Brief Review will motivate a read of this racially stirring work prior to viewing the film in August—and lucky for you, we have ensured enough time to do just that.

Also, let us welcome novice poet and photographer Kathy Boles-Turner to the RED OCHRE family! Kathy is thrilled to present both her poem Upon Wakening and the self-taken photograph that inspire this work!

To read about Kathy's publication journey, visit ROLiT NEWS. This month, we shake things up a bit as Dru MaCauthor, our lovely poetry editor, interviews…yours truly. As RED OCHRE LiT has received a number of questions about the journal, its current policies & future plans, Dru tied me down, retrieving the answers for you all! The interview houses not only your questions as the journal approaches the end of our first year, but also some from our staff as well. Of course, I ask that you read my interview to gain further insight into us & our plans for the upcoming months.

In addition to the literary pieces & interviews, we have the pleasure of presenting you with the talented Teuta Butuci & her The Missing Picture. A Croatian artist, Teuta speaks about the development of her sketch on our ARTIST’S PAGE. Do not miss her story!

Lastly, thank-you to all of our contributors. This is a fantastic issue to boast on our six month mark & we wish you the very best in your next endeavors.

With RED Regards,
Mimi Ferebee

“The Missing Picture'' by Teuta Butuci



Geophagy: A Hunger for Place by Mallory Bass

South Seas-Sirens by Mary Leonard

Two Poems by Joe Amaral

Upon Wakening by Kathy Boles-Turner

On the Way to Japan by Tatjana Debeljački


A Truth the Hand Can Touch by Olga Dugan

Jack Wilson Will Not Teach Me To Dance by David Groulx

Avian Summer by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

Two Poems by Elizabeth Swados


Who or What Does The Help Help: A Brief Review by C. Liegh McInnis
RED OCHRE PRESS is a proud member of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses.
We are grateful to have the support of our brother journal, James Dickey Review, Poets & Writers, NewPages & Downtown Writers Network.

We often nominate work for notable contests such as The Pushcart Prize and The O. Henry Prize series.

© 2010-2011 RED OCHRE PRESS
All Rights Reserved.


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Http diogen.weebly

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Poetry24: Submission Guidelines

Poetry24: Submission Guidelines: "Poetry24 is a brand-new blog for news-related and topical poetry. Do you have something to say about current events in the world? Can you s..."

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WORLD PEACE ACADEMY: POETS FOR WORLD PEACE VOL 1: "Rakesh Patel is a budding poet, writer and teacher. Born on 2 May 1979 in Valsad (Gujarat), India, he took his Masters Degree (M. A.) in En..."

Http poetry 24.blogspot.com 2011 04 prayer-for-japan

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Nap 1.2

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Fem 4

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Naš poznati pesnik Zoran Bognar objavio je knjigu izabranih i novih pesama pod nazivom "Lavirint kruga" u izdanju beogradskog IP "Book". O ovoj poeziji Peter Handke je napisao sledeće: "Zoran Bognar je pesnik posebnog senzibiliteta, sanjar i vizionar za koga je pesma imenovanje nepoznatog i poniranje u ono što se naslućuje kao čovekova nova mogućnost. Njegova umetnička osećanja su burna i snažna po svom intenzitetu, pa je tako i njegova poezija sugestivna, jaka i prodorna. Teško bi se moglo reći da Bognar posmatra spoljašnji svet. On ga svojom pesmom stvara, a taj kreativno oblikovani Novi svet koji se snagom imaginacije našao u njegovoj pesmi, u svemu duboko odražava prirodu njegovog bića i njegova misaona i emotivna životna uporišta i destinacije."

Zoran Bognar, pesnik, esejista, prozni pisac, književni kritičar i antologičar, rodjen je 1965 godine u Vukovaru. Objavio je dva romana: Noć praznih ruku (1989) i Budno stanje sna (1993); desetak zbirki poezije od kojih izdvajamo: Bluz za šahovsku tablu (1986), Psiho-striptiz (1988), Ludilo Flojda Bertholda (1991), Ako se mrtvi jednog dana vrate (1993), Anonimna besmrtnost (1994), Novi potop (1996), Novi Nojev kovčeg (1997), Novi čovek (1999), Elizejska trilogija (2000), Albedo (2002), Aura (2003) i Alhemija (2005); tri knjige poetsko-fenomenoloških mikroeseja: Fotografije glasova (1997), Ejdetske slike (1998) i Fotografije glasova II (2002); manualis labor Nomad beskraja (2004); kao i dve antologije: Novo raspeće - antologija savremene srpske poezije kraja XX veka (2001) i Tečni kristal – antologija srpskog mikroeseja XX veka (2006).

Poezija Zorana Bognara prevodjena je na italijanski, francuski, engleski, madjarski, nemački, švedski, slovenački, grčki, makedonski, poljski, španski, turski, bugarski, rumunski, holandski, friski i jermenski jezik. O književnom delu Zorana Bognara objavljeno je preko 200 eseja, kritika i studija, kao i jedna monografija (Vladan Panković i Nikica Banić: Atletsko hodočašće nad jelisejskim vodama i poljima Zorana Bognara, Užice, 2002).

Književne nagrade: "Pečat varoši sremskokarlovačke" (1993), "Matićev šal" (1994), "Milan Lalić" (1994), "Stevan Pešić" (1994), "Blažo Šćepanović" (1996), "Zlatna struna" (1999), "Pivo Karamatijević" (1999), "Rade Drainac" (1999), "Isidora Sekulić" (1999), "Zlatna značka KPZ Srbije" (2000), "Vražogrnački točak" (2000), "Zlatni Orfej" (2001), "Srboljub Mitić" (2001), "Milutin Uskoković" (2003), "Slobodan Džunić" (2006) i "Milan Bogdanović" (2009). Internacionalne književne nagrade: "Vannelli" (Italija,1997), "Mediterranean Lion" (Crna Gora,1998) i "Hubert Burda" (Nemačka,1999).

Živi u Beogradu kao profesionalni književnik. Urednik je u GA "Dereta". Predsednik je Fonda "Ars Longa" za očuvanje lepih umetnosti ( www.fondarslonga.com )...

Poštovaoci poezije Zorana Bognara (sa rezidencijalnom adresom u Srbiji) mogu naručiti knjigu "Lavirint kruga" po ceni od 650 dinara + ptt troškovi na e- mail adresu: bognar@eunet.rs ... www.zoranbognar.com ..
Newsletter was sent to 75 countries to 200,000 e–mail addresses on Internet.
Branko Zivkovic, International freelance journalist for Public Relations

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Domestic Cherry

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(Poets by Last Name )

Andrea d’Alessandro GERMANY
Michael Andrew IRELAND
Radostina Angelova BULGARIA
Francis Attard MALTA
Ferenc Bakoš HUNGARY
Magdalena Banaszkiewicz POLAND
John Barlow UK
Valeria Barouch SWITZERLAND
Wolfgang Beutke GERMANY
Claudia Brefeld GERMANY

Ralf Bröker GERMANY
Helen Buckingham UK
Valeria Simonova-Cecon ITALY
Andrea Cecon ITALY
Cezar-Florin Čiobica ROMANIA
Ion Codrescu ROMANIA
Magdalena Dale ROMANIA
Florentina Loredana Dalian ROMANIA
Tatjana Debeljacki SERBIA

Andrzej Dembończyk POLAND
Nelly Dobrinova BULGARIA
Ljubomir Dragovič BOSNIA
Patrick Druart FRANCE
Andres Ehin ESTLAND
Zeljko Funda CROATIA
Damien Gabriels FRANCE
Łukasz Garczewski POLAND
Heike Gewi GERMANY
Anna Goluba POLAND

Pavel Gromov LITHUANIA
Martina Heinisch GERMANY
Vladislav Hristow BULGARIA
Kevin Goldstein-Jackson UK
Ilse Jacobsen GERMANY
Zeljka Vučinič-Jambresič CROATIA
Jörgen Johansson SVERIGE
Lothar M. Kirsch GERMANY
Claire Knight UK

Krzysztof Kokot POLAND
Bernard Kopf AUSTRIA
Dubravko Korbus CROATIA
Marek Kozubek POLAND
Anatoly Kudriavitsky IRELAND
Natalia Kuznetsova SOVIET UNION
Marcus Larrson SVERIGE
Artur Lewandowski POLAND
Michael Lindenhofer AUSTRIA
Ramona Linke GERMANY

Mark Lonergan IRELAND
Martin Lucas UK
Rees Lynne FRANCE
Timjana Mahečič CROATIA
Tomislav Maretič CROATIA
Jacek Margolak POLAND
John McDonald SCOTLAND
Claudia Melchior GERMANY
Malvina Mileta CROATIA

Vasile Moldovan ROMANIA
Boris Nazansky CROATIA
Ecaterina Zazu Neagoe ROMANIA
Phillip D. Noble SCOTLAND
Robert Nowak POLAND
Terry O’Connor IRELAND
Mariusz Ogryzko POLAND
Oprica Padeanu ROMANIA
Matthew Paul UK
Amin Pędziwiater POLAND

Rudi Pfaller GERMANY
Marija Andjela Pogorilič CROATIA
Vera Primorač CROATIA
Dorota Pyra POLAND
Karol Rosiak POLAND
Djurdja Vukelič-Rozič CROATIA
Stjepan Rozič CROATIA
Szymon Rybiński POLAND
Geoff Sanderson UK
Slavko Sedlar SERBIA

Predrag Pešič-Šera SERBIA
Toni Piccini ITALY
David Serjeant UK
Lidia Sfaralia ROMANIA
Katrina Shepherd SCOTLAND
Grzegorz Sionkowski POLAND
Brendan Slater NETHERLANDS
Paul Smith UK
Drago Štambuk CROATIA

Tatjana Stefanovič SERBIA
Heike Stehr GERMANY
Allan Summers UK
Lech Szeglowski POLAND
Eduard Tara ROMANIA
Dietmar Tauchner AUSTRIA
Petar Tchouhov BULGARIA
Maria Tirenescu ROMANIA
Maria Kowal-Tomczak POLAND
Saša Važič SERBIA

Friebel Volker GERMANY
Diana Webb UK
Urszula Wielanowska POLAND
Angelika Wienert GERMANY
Gwilym Williams AUSTRIA
Ernest Wit POLAND
Rafał Zabratyński POLAND
Romano Zeraschi ITALY
Božena Zernec CROATIA
Mario Massimo Zontini ITALY