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Voices de la Luna

Hope an Oil Painting by Ulrike Rowe

Voices de la Luna
A Quarterly Poetry & Arts Magazine

Tuesday 15 June 2010
Volume 2, Number 4

A Letter from the Editors
Mo H Saidi and James Brandenburg

The editors of Voices de la Luna believe poetry heals and the arts advance our quality of life. Therefore we have encouraged youth and adults keen on writing poetry to release their untold feelings and emotions in this form of literary art. As Sandra Cisneros said in a recent interview to be published in the 15 June issue of Voices, “I enjoy writing poetry. When I am about to tackle the characters facing emotional and social issues, I write fiction. To debate social issues, I write essays, but poetry is more of a personal matter for me. I sit behind my desk, release my feelings and emotions, and write poems.”
Now we are reaching out to new audiences. We have gone to the Lighthouse for the Blind and interviewed some of their dedicated and proud blind workers, such as Ernie Arce, a 22 year old who works as a general assembler. We have visited homeless people under the Commerce Street Bridge near the Bexar County Detention Center, including a 25 years old pregnant woman. We have conducted a workshop for youth and senior citizens at Bihl Haus on Fredericksburg Avenue, where we highlighted the healing effects of poetry and the relationship between medicine & art. We continue to experience that poetry and arts bring soothing and encouraging results, even among underprivileged and deprived people and among those with disabilities and emotional problems.
The therapeutic effects of poetry, painting, and music are especially valuable after devastating events, such as natural disasters and wars. Writing poetry about their grievances, by expressing their grief in letters, and by composing music, helps people purge themselves of pain and suffering and thereby transport painful events from the present into memories of the past. To write an elegy about the loss of a dear one, the poet immortalizes that person, and the memory of that person acquires beauty and sweet love. As Dylan Thomas says in his most popular poem, “Do not go gentle into that good night.”
We believe poetry and arts are undying elements of life, and by advocating these aspects and characteristics of the human soul, Voices de la Luna is serving an important role in the community. Even in the gravest of times, we celebrate poetry and arts in San Antonio and Texas as a way of eternalizing our human values.






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Redovni članovi
Zlatomir Borovnica
Jadranka Bukovica
Borivoj Bukva
Tatjana Debeljački
Ratko Dimovski
Ivan Dobra Žirjanin
Srđan Duhović
Ernie Gigante Dešković
dr. sc. Rajko Glibo
Tatjana Jedriško Pančelat
dr. sc. Juraj Plenković
Željka Jurčić Kleković
Sanja Kozlica
Elfrida Mahulja
Vesna Miculinić Prešnjak
Ruška Nikolašević Stojanović
Tome Orlić
Valerio Orlić
Dražen Pavlić
Ivo Pavlić- Iko
Marija Pogorilić
Klara Polak Poljarević
Saša Radović
Riccardo Staraj
Josip Eugen Šeta
Desimir Širola
Jadranka Tarle Bojović
Ante Tičić
Savo Trbović
prof. dr. sc. Vasil Tocinovski
Kolinda Vukman
dr. Jadran Zalokar

Pričuvni članovi

Sanjin Ćiković
Vlado Franjević
Marina Jurić
Ivana Klovar
Zinaida Koševoj
Vesna Ladišić
Nikolina Marčelja
Malvina Mileta
Zlatko Moranjak
Marin Perčić
Lazar Radmanović
Daniel Radočaj
Nadija Rubeša
Darija Stipanić
Lari Šeta Tatjana Udović
Ljiljana Dobra
Nino Bijelac


Biljana Bokun – Lora
Radije Hoxha – Dija
Olga Lalić Krowicka
Rajko Đedović
(službeni fotograf)

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Carolyn Hall - "ACORN"

Lorin Ford: Notes from the Gean


Lorin Ford writes haiku and longer poems from her tumbling-down C19 worker's cottage home in Brunswick, Victoria [Australia]. Much of Lorin's early childhood was spent on the foreshore and beach of a Melbourne bay-side suburb. From age nine she lived with her father, who ran the pub in a small East Gippsland timber town. She left school early, at fourteen, preferring a 'glamorous' career in hairdressing to her year 9 correspondence lessons. Later, she received an Honours degree in English Literature and a Dip. Ed. and subsequently taught high school English and ESL. She has remained an eternal student, enjoying her discovery of new aspects of the world, and of poetry, especially.

Lorin's haiku have been widely published in Australian and overseas journals and anthologies. Her credits include first prize in the 6th and 7th paper wasp Jack Stamm awards, in 2005 and 2006, first prize in the Shiki Salon Annual Haiku Awards 2005 - free format category, Winner - The Haiku Calendar Competition 2010 and first prize - contemporary category, THF's 'Haiku Now! 2010 Contest'. Her first haiku collection, a wattle seedpod, was awarded first place in the Haiku Society of America Mildred Kanterman Memorial Merit Book Awards, 2009.

Three Lights Gallery published what light there is, an online collection of thirty of Lorin’s haiku, in 2009. More information may be found in her responses to Curtis Dunlap’s Three Questions at Blogging Along Tobacco Road.




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