понедељак, 12. септембар 2011.

by Helen Ivory - Ink Sweat & Tears - the poetry & prose webzine :Tatjana Debeljacki

Ink Sweat & Tears - the poetry & prose webzine
Are There

Someone is breaking the branches?!
From midnight to the dawn,
The forest is trembling inside me.
My trees are innocent,
Thirsty for milk,
Firm hands, and
The scent of effervesce.
I'm drinking my mint tea.
I'm bringing tranquility without aim,
And flowers for the vase.
When I look at it is never the same.
I'm starting to believe in a fertility of miracles.
Is there the flame, which could turn the heavens
Into the ashes?
Are there any hands to pick up my ripe apples?!

*Tatjana Debeljački was born in 1967 in Užice. Member of Association of Writers of Serbia UKS since 2004 and Haiku Society of Serbia HDS Montenegro-HUSCG&HDPR, Croatia. She has published three collections of poetry: A House Made of Glass, ART – Užice; Yours, NARODNA KNJIGA Belgrade and Vulcano by Haiku Lotos, Valjevo.CD-BOOK and Ah-eh-eeh-oh-ooh by Poeta Belgrade. 2008. She edits Poeta.