недеља, 09. децембар 2012.

Yasuomi Koganei,2012 12th Haiku Meeting: December 8

2012 12th Haiku Meeting: December 8
Moderator: Catherine Urquhart


auf dem Gaensefeld

weidet der Wind

Simone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)

Christmas moon

on the empty geese pasture

the winds browse

Simone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)

cosmos flower

leaving its color to the wind

white… pink…

Momo Nishimura

amidst colorful leaves

a schoolgirl

in black stockings

Junko Saeki


mesecevim morima

vazduh slan

Tatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)


across the seas of moon

the air is salty

Tatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)

wind splintered branches

red and yellow leaves scattered

on the cracked walkway

Stephen M. Block (USA)

sera d'inverno

litigi all'osteria

per un Fante

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

winter evening

quarrels in the inn

over a knave

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

Numai omăt

pretutindenea omăt,

nimic altceva

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)


everywhere snow,

nothing else

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)

geese and swans fly off

I sleep in the den

with the polar night

Sergey Pianov (Russia)

rosy morninglight

on the roofs of the palace

December snow

Hanne Hansen (Denmark)

sneezing, itchy eyes

airborne volcanic debris

awesome sunsets!

Royal T. Fruehling, Hawai'i (USA)

cotton snow...

snowflake shadows sweep

towards the streetlamp

Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

if I could sweep away

your illness

as I do the dead leaves

Janick Belleau (Canada)

four years

on the road to the hospital

--gingko leaves falling

Midori Suzuki

turning the corner

heading for the care home

--ambulance in winter rain

Sachiko Kondo

end of 2012

election campaign much ado

about nothing

Michiko Murai


filling up, spilling over

--gingko leaves in December

Yuzu Sugita

colored leaves

peaceful moments

ancient pagoda of Nara

Masako Omaki

farewell old apricot tree

back to the ground now

--December gale

Motoko Sato

a growing mountain

of falling leaves outside her gate

--is the old lady ill?

Shinya Ogata

writing Christmas cards—

the beans simmering

in the silent night

Midori Tanaka

ginkgo fruit

shaped like grapes

soft as a baby’s skin

Tenshi Sakai

autumn holidays

ordering a bottle of wine

with lunch

Takashi Ikari

the scent of chrysanthemums

rambling in Sugamo Ginza

the elderlies in high spirits

Hideo Ebihara

choir of survivors

belting out the good old melodies

--year-end class reunion

Kiyoshi Sugita

unpicked persimmons

abound in the village

--no human warmth

Yasuhiko Shirota

first winter drizzle

the brisk steps

of illuminated news

Juich Masuda

the soft sunlight

mother and child frolicking

in the fallen leaves

Takeo Hanaoka

collapsed tunnel

and tsunami

menacing our safety

Masaaki Oka

this M7.3 aftershock

checking our evacuation speed

--this cold wind

Yasuomi Koganei

fatsia flowers silently

lighting up one corner

Asako Otomo