среда, 12. јун 2013.

Yasuomi Koganei

Please find your June haiku in the list shown below and please enjoy them.

Yasuomi Koganei

2013 6th Haiku Meeting: June 8
Moderator: Catherine Urquhart

all day rain
i know of blackbirds singing
in the secret garden
Simone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)

ich weiß vom Amselgesang
im geheimen Garten
Simone K. Busch (Germany) (Tokyo)

splendid May weather
sound of me
lightly beating my futon
Kyoko Kitahara

in terraced paddies
by old girls
Momo Nishimura

across the valley
the old cabin disappears
spring leaves
Stephen M. Block (USA)

the wind has brought
the smell of my village on fire
soaring memories
Tatjana Debeljački (Užice, Serbia)

from the river banks
a flock of birds bursting
into the clear sky
Tatjana Debeljački (Užice, Serbia)

on my daily walk
a curious sparrow follows
one hedge at a time
Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i, USA)

break of dawn
the first swan awakens--
dreams in the wing
Viktorija Koprivnjak (13 years) (Croatia)

morning rain
drops on the Mohican
at once I am king
Mensur Sula (13 years) (Croatia)

forest in a mist
the bare tips of a tree
reach the sky
Robert Mic (13 years) (Croatia)

près du plan d’eau
le manteau de pluie du singe -
l’heure du thé vert
Janick Belleau (Canada)

close by the pond
the monkey’s raincoat -
green tea time
Janick Belleau (Canada)

ce matin
son nez dans le bac, la sans-abri
l’air triste
Janick Belleau (Canada)

this morning
her nose in the bin
the homeless woman
Janick Belleau (Canada)

evening camelias
lit by the garden lamp...
in a soft drizzle
Tomislav Maretić (Croatia)

open window –
the sound of raindrops
enters my dream 
Tomislav Maretić (Croatia)

“It's me."
he calls me from far above
hazy moon
Michi Umeda

erbe falciate –
sul bordo della strada
mazzi di fiori
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

mown grass –
at the edge of the road
bunches of flowers
Antonella Filippi (Italy)

early summer breeze
a boy running around
with a paper windmill
Midori Suzuki

colorless afternoon
I dream and drowse upon the couch
a summer cold
Michiko Murai

red rising sun
my teenage dreams
even redder
Ikken Ikemoto

bright sun
my sight blurred
May garden
Masako Okaki

an 80-year old
reaching the summit of Mt. Everest
--my short walk in the May breeze
Kiyoshi Sugita

azalea exhibition
elderly gaiety
Ueno Park in foliage
Hideo Ebihara

on a swing
wider, narrower, wider, narrower
the sky
Takashi Ikari

dandelion fluff
overtakes me
on the way to the station
Motoko Sato

a boy
holding out his hand
to a mannequin in a bikini
Yasuomi Koganei

a summer dawn
rambling through topaz-tinted dreams
of the old days
Sachiko Kondo

ensuring services for my late brother
after I’m gone
Masaaki Oka

playing the song of the sun
on its strings
Juichi Masuda

Dear tired ones,
Come and embrace
the lavender in my garden
Midori Tanaka

young men asleep
in the priority seat
silky rain outside
Yuzu Sugita

this old man
stroking the new
morning glory
Takeo Hanaoka

ancient temple
stupas steeped in song
--a bush warbler
Junko Saeki