уторак, 12. новембар 2013.

3rd Annual Endorphin Warrior Haiku Poetry Contest 2013 – Winners, Honors and More


Haiku ContestFirst off, a huge “thank you” to everyone who participated in our 3rd Annual Endorphin Warrior Haiku Poetry Contest 2013.  We received over 325 haiku poems and it was our great pleasure to get to read each and every one of them.  Collectively, your haikus are a beautiful expression of the joy and goodness that running, working out, exertion and moving our bodies brings to our lives.
This being said, there were some poems that stood out to us.  So without further delay, here are our 3rd Annual Haiku Poetry Contest 2013 contest winners, high honors poems and other poems and poets we’d like to mention.
Our 1st Place Haiku – 2013 – Prize: $100 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate
Blurry through the tears
Fighting to keep composure
This is for Boston
- by Suzann Lankford
Our 2nd Place Haiku – 2013 – Prize: $50 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate
slow trickles of sweat
erode yesterday’s tension
lost in this moment
- by Scott Dean
Our 3rd Place Haiku – 2013 – Prize: $25 Endorphin Warrior Gift Certificate
The body limber
Mind empty of attachments
Space and time succumb
- by Paul Roasberry
High Honors
Finish line in sight
Sudden pain chaos noise light
Hero in a hat
Trevor Boylston
The night air is brisk
Cadence is mesmerizing
One more mile to go
Christine Ford
Chrome fork glistening
street lights reflect in water
dance on wet pedals
Jean Pickard
My morning cup brews
I lace up running shoes
The door shuts behind me
Deb Laforest
Early morning run
Just me and the stars at first
Then the sun rises
Abigail Dickinson
Elegant Haiku,
Marrying Form and Function:
the elite runner
Karen LaMartina
mules once plied this path
towing barges filled with goods
I pedal through time
Michael Seese
out the drive I run
health cherished and improving
cancer lost this fight
Sue Monahan
T-shirt drops beside
My shoes; heavy, wet, soaked through.
My victory flag
- Brad Banks
Fifty miles complete.
A very long way to run.
I want a sandwich.
Beth Pretti
Finally, there were a few haikus that we really enjoyed, but each of these were over our requirement of no more than 17 syllables total, so these could not be considered for honors.  Still, we love these expressions, so here they are:
with the full backpack
during summer heat and winter
up the path towards home
Tatjana Debeljacki
Arms slice through water,
Legs burn as wheels whirl through space,
Feet pound to the finish.
Austin Kuba
Auroral leaves pave the trail
a startled rustle
For 6 heartbeats I match the deer
Amy Grace
Thank you again to everyone who participated in this year’s contest.  We hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have.  We greatly appreciate your connection with us.  Warrior On!