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cattails Premier Edition: January 2014

Premier Edition: January 2014

Angie Werren, USA

Mike Rehling, USA

John Byrne, Ireland

Ernesto Santiago, Greece

parting clouds~
the nodding approval
of a blossomed bough

Terri French, USA

Marion Clarke, Northern Ireland

Tatanja Debeljacki
Gordan Cosić,

Adelaide B. Shaw, USA

Samantha Sirimanne Hyde, Australia

Elizabeth McFarland, Germany

Angie Werren, USA

Debbie Strange, Canada

Sonam Choki, Bhutan
Michael Kowalewski, UK

John Byrne, Ireland

Marisa Fazio, Australia

Haiku: Ken Sawitri, Indonesia

Painting: Jimat Achmadi, Indonesia

Note: Hand drawing batik use a 'canthing tulis' to apply wax to cover ornamentation to keep it free from coloring matter during the dyeing process. For controlling the flowing of fluid hot wax, the 'canthing' often puffed before applying the wax on clothes.   winotosastro
Stjepan Rozić & Djurdja Vukelić-Rozić, Croatia

For an Editor's Choice haiga, I've chosen this one by Djurdja (our Ambassador for Croatia), and her husband Stephan. Most folks know that when it comes to haiku, I'm against "direct" personification, however in this particular case and placed with this particular photograph, it only enhances the moment. That, and the fact that I personally happen to know that there is a belief found anywhere in the Balkans, that everything has a "soul", which we are privileged to see in Stephan's great photo shot.—haiga editor an'ya, USA
Irena Iris Szewczyk, Poland

spring gust
the dress of the bride
bellies out

Goran Radićević, Montenegro

tree branches
capturing the moon
for a moment-

Ramesh Anand, India
Ranjana Pai, USA

Elizabeth McFarland, Germany

Cynthia Rowe, New Zealand

Pris Campbell, USA

Sonam Choki, Bhutan
Michael Kowalewski, UK