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Literature Today Volume-2, January 2015 Issue

Literature Today Volume-2, January 2015 Issue
Issue theme: Relationships
(82 authors)
Poetry Page no.
A. D. Winans ABANDONED 1
Aine Collins Transcendence 2-5
Alan Britt NEVER AGAIN 6
Allison Grayhurst A Day 7-8
Andrew Scott Dear Mother 9-10
Anne Tannam When We Go Shopping 11-12
Barbara Foster DEAR JOHN 13-14
Bill Harney Doves Landed on the Sills 15
Bob Sharkey Bear 16-17
Boghos L. Artinian Askance stare 18
Breda Spaight The Old House 19
C.S. Fuqua New Orleans TV, 2005 20
Cameron Conaway Head Lines 21
Charlotte Murphy SOFT DAYS OF SUMMER 22
Daniel Williams Gingerbread Man 23
David Anthony Sam Murder in the Garden 24
David Fraser Praise for Morning 25
Dawn Schout Just as Quiet 26
Denise Mostacci Sklar Stanley’s Hat 27
Dianalee Velie IN THE BEGINNING 28-29
DJ Tyrer Family 30
Domenic Scopa Stoned 31-32
Eamonn Lynskey Nunhead Cemetery 33
Eric Machan Howd Inheritance 34
Fabrice Schomberg Shade 35
Gerry Boland rift 36-37
Inas Essa etaL 38
James A. Wren Orpheo, Mine 39-42
James Mc Elroy Happenstance 43-46
Jane Blanchard Rumination 47-48
Jerrold Yam Ornament 49
Jessamine O Connor YOU ARE NOT JUST YOU 50
Joan McNerney Birthday Present 51-52
John Vieira everything looks big… 53
Jose V. Clutario Constellate 54
Josie Failla Delilah 55-56
Julie Griffith OBSESSION 57-58
Kat Busch A song of scribbles 59-60
Katharyn Howd Machan 518 ELIZABETH STREET 61
Ken W Simpson Happiness 62
Kinga Fabó Abstractions 63
Laura Minning destiny awaits 64
Laurence W. Thomas I MADE A PROMISE 65
Lenore Hirsch Heart Geography 66-67
linda m. Crate river song 68
Lisa Zaran What We Have Woven 69
Marian O'Brien Paul A Tritina for a Mentally Ill Adult Son 70
Marianne Lyon The Smell of Pine 71-72
Marianne Szlyk Imagining Empathy 73-74
Marie Hanna Curran Freeze Frame 75-76
Marilyn Holdsworth LAST WORDS 77
Mark Hierholzer Poem 78
Mary Guckian So Good 79
Michael Lee Johnson If You Find No Poem 80
Michael O'Connor The Drumlougher Photos 81
Mihai Ursachi Letter from the Magic Circle 82-83
Miriam Pederson My Father’s Memoir 84-85
Nicholas Damion Alexander Transition period 86
Oliver Dunne THE LETTER 87
Patricia George NIGHT OF THE HORSES 88
R. W. Haynes The Clown of Conscience 89
Rachel Brunner Priceless 90
Rachel Kaye A Love Poem 91
Ray Staubach Business Trip 92
Richard Walker ‘You are the Anthem’ 94
Rosemarie Rowley IRON BUTTERFLY 95
Sandra Kolankiewicz At that Moment When the Wind 96
Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi Wedding Vow 97
Steve Troyanovich MY BEST PAL 99
Susana H. Case After Twenty Years of Silence, My Father and My Uncle Talk 100-101
Tatjana Debeljacki Too Late for the South 102
Tonia S. McGregor My Testimony 103-104
Tony Walton A Blink 105
Valeri Beers Hamster Haiku 106
Bob Boucher Belly Flop 107-108
Candice James SAWDUST CITY 109-112
Dan Sklar LAUGHING 113-114
Katharyn Howd Machan WINTERDEATH 115-116
Kirby Wright French Class 117-119
Michael McGrath Frejya 120-123
Contributors’ List 124-145 (82 authors)