петак, 29. мај 2009.

Olga Lalić-Krowicka

Olga Lalić-Krowicka -Dukla (Poland)

Translated: Sarah Luczaj


Stop calling the ambulance
of silence
I’m disturbance,
a glass of wine that shudders.
Stop dressing me in pink,
I’m a wedding dress
a rich burgundy hat
the velvet you sleep on,
the thought that makes you beautiful,
the stuttering veins in your sleep
and a lantern surrounded by dark walls.

Stop calling me weak,
I’m Mount Everest
victorious Berlin,
South in the blood of wars
a shield in hopeless battles.
Don’t say of me: a cloud scattered with sand.
I’m a cloud which houses
the angels of death, of sadness,
hope in the uproar,
the disappearing crowd