субота, 16. мај 2009.

Vasile Moldovan

Vasile Moldovan


by M. Eminescu

See the swallows quit the eaves
And fall the yellow walnut leaves,
The vines white autumn frost are numb,
Why don't you come, why don't you come?

Oh, come intp my arms' embrace
That I may gaze upon you face,
And by my head in grateful rest
Against your breast, against your breast!

Do you remeber when we strayed
The meadows and the secret glade,
I kissed you midst flowering thyme,
How many a time, how many a time?

Some wemen on the earth the are
Whose eyes shine at the evening star,
But be their charm no, matter what,
Like you they're not, like you they're not!...

Vasile Moldovan, Bucharest, Romania