недеља, 12. август 2012.

Yasuomi Koganei 2012 5th Haiku Meeting: May 12

2012 5th Haiku Meeting: May 12

Moderator: Catherine Urquhart

cold day of cherry blossoms --
walking to the station
my back getting warm

Momo Nishimura


suddenly, people everywhere

in lighter clothes, in lighter spirit

Junko Saeki

midnight cool

rain to snow

--is this spring?

Navita Kalra (Canada)

nothing more common

than a daffodil except

the first one in spring

Stephen M. Block (USA)

over the walls

of five-seven-five

a ceiling open to the sky

Stephen M. Block (USA)

after the hailstorm --

broken petunias spreading

their fragrance

Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

boy's day --

looking at the photo album

of my deceased father

Tomislav Maretic (Croatia)

May twelve perigee

moon comes nearer to the earth

for a better look

Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i, USA)

Stablo starog

Lesnika podilzi

Mravlja jeza

Tatjana Debeljački (Serbia)

the old hazelnut tree


with ant chills

Tatjana Debeljački (Serbia)

prolaze oblaci

prolaze misli

srcem caj

Zoran Mimica (Croatian)

clouds passing by

thoughts passing by

- sipping my tea

Zoran Mimica (Croatian)

as if by magic

wasps vanish

leaving their elaborate home

Sachiko Kondo

able or not

to be a wicked woman?

flowering spirea

Juichi Masuda

behind purple hydrangea

touching up her face

--a rickshaw girl

Hideo Ebihara

many faces

many minds

shelter from a shower

Ikken Ikemoto

bubbles rising

inside each

a child’s dream

Michiko Murai

a miracle

in bloom

--transplanted wisteria

Hitoshi Ichinose

crossing the bridge

I am at one

with the spring breeze

Michi Umeda

thirty years to go

to match my mother’s life

--peach blooms

Masako Omaki

Shangri-la Tibetan temple

sky burial hill beyond

--birds into clouds

Midori Tanaka

“How about a drink?”

liquor shop owner sprinkles rice

for sparrows in a row

Maki Hatanaka

50 kids planting

50 trees with 50 smiles

--the fragrant breeze

Yuzu Sugita

shaking his hand

after 30 years of light

and darkness

Shinya Ogata

cherry petals falling

hands together I pray

for their souls

Takashi Ikari

Japanese azaleas

luckily away

from the tornadoes

Kiyoshi Sugita

chorus of frogs

the sudden breeze

of old days

Takeo Hanaoka

breezy garden

single banana plant leaf

beckons me in

Motoko Sato

in the floodlight

a bank-guard checking his pistol --

strong sirocco

Yasuomi Koganei

Tagore songs

flowing freely into my heart

--late spring

Masaaki Oka