недеља, 12. август 2012.

Yasuomi Koganei 2012 8th Haiku Meeting: August 11

memories of aunt

I share

with the clematis

Momo Nishimura

Queen of the Night

--she opens, she spreads her fragrance

after the guests have gone

Junko Saeki

sur le quai

en attendant le poisson

moi et le chat

Janick Belleau (Canada)

on the dock

waiting for the fish boat

the cat and I

Janick Belleau (Canada)

nuit d'été

couvrant le bruit des vagues

un groupe rock

Janick Belleau (Canada)

summer night

drowning out the sound of waves

a rock band

Janick Belleau (Canada)

putting down sake cup

I listen

rainy season moon

Tenshi Sakai

hoar frost on field


by the rays of the sun

Tatjana Debeljacki (Serbia)

Hiroshima -

non è il vento estivo

quello che soffia

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

Hiroshima -

it is not the summer wind

that blows

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

on the TV screen

heart-stopping perfection

London Olympic Games

Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i, USA)

fluffy cat's paw

airily touches my cheek

reminding me

Sergey Pianov (Russia)

from the ski lift

a bird’s eye view

of lilies in full bloom

Motoko Satoh

fireworks from my veranda

a few seconds earlier

than t.v.

Masako Omaki

no shade

in the midday town

an oleander blooms

Michi Umeda

summer butterfly

one shadow giving birth

to another, and another,,,,

Juichi Masuda

midday nap

the soul of me departing

into the dream

Maki Hatanaka

the summer the war ended

the Emperor’s speech beyond our grasp

water gushing from burst pipes

Hideo Ebihara

baby cicada!

sing loud!

live long!

Takeo Hanaoka

eco-friendly life

a green curtain of vine

gives welcome shade

Michiko Murai

hot news

from London 2012—

“Nadeshiko Japan”

Yasuhiko Shirota

well practiced?

soloist warblers in the mountain

do~do so mi, confidently

Midori Tanaka

summer vegetables

and the newspaper

from my home town

Midori Suzuki

tennis court boiled—

the piercing eyes

of the linesman

Ikken Ikemoto

Diamond Jubilee Queen

opening the London Olympics

as charming as in her coronation

Masaaki Oka

looking for a place

for nuclear waste?

Mr. Curiosity Rover!

Yasuomi Koganei

at the green light

waves of people, waves of heat


Takashi Ikari

wind blowing

through the freshly weeded neighborhood

autumn drawing near

Sachiko Kondo