недеља, 12. август 2012.

Yasuomi Koganei 2012 7th Haiku Meeting; July 14


rainbow of balloons descend

tempting sharpened rocks

Stephen M. Block (USA)

salute, July 4

fireworks and whoop-de-do

birthday, U.S.A

Royal T. Fruehling (Hawai'i. USA)

droplet of dew

in the summer sunlight---

the life of a man

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)

sera ventosa

l’ubriaco e l’albero

avanti e indietro

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

windy evening

the drunk and the tree

to and fro

Antonella Filippi (Italy)

no one knows

where to go

a line of ants

Juichi Masuda


breath of air from sea

path in ancient city

Momo Nishimura

the aura

of hydrangea

in an infant’s smile

Tenshi Sakai

home from school

my daughter plays


Rob Scott (Stockholm)

Star Festival

“tanzaku” bamboo bending

with one more wish

Yuzu Sugita

rucola leaves

bitter but alas, loved

by bugs too

Junko Saeki

under the wisteria


his wheelchair

Midori Suzuki

our chorus concert over

“Kampai” in chorus

over summer dishes

Hitoshi Ichinose

sleepless night

I trace my mother’s life


Masako Omaki

Nagara River—

cormorant fishing flickering

in bonfire light

Masaaki Oka

white lotus blooming

I mourn a friend’s passing

memories amassing

Michiko Murai

red hot rallies

performed in the pure white

of Wimbledon

Ikken Ikemoto

endless white birches

under the midnight sun

--endless thoughts

Midori Tanaka

a lull in the rainy season

plodding—just plodding

in the park

Kiyoshi Sugita

wild monkey snarling

on summer grasses “Please let me pass”

pleads my husband

Sachiko Kondo

central station

in the twilight—

suspended dreams

Yasuomi Koganei

evening paper reads

“Extensive rain damage in Kyushu”

chilled wine arriving with prosciutto ham

Yasuhiko Shirota

back from his funeral

--my share of the berries

gone with the birds

Hideo Ebihara

from the cape

no ship in sight

only the breeze and horizon

Takeo Hanaoka

wedding in rich verdure


missing his daughter

Michi Umeda



Takashi Ikari

Kumamoto floods

calling a one-time pupil

now 74

Shinya Ogata

every window in the train

a hundred colors

of hydrangea

Motoko Sato

returning to Hase Dera


linger in the shade

Judy Halebsky (USA) (Tokyo)

light green

a graceful Mt.Wakakusa


Osamu Kawasaki